I have always been passionate about understanding how people think and how their actions can be influenced through design. With a diverse background in UX, persuasion, product and installation design I have been focussed on creating designs that are not just a pleasure to use, but fulfil a purpose. Persuasion design is a powerful tool in the e-commerce to help increase conversion, while its techniques can also be used in product and interface design to stimulate certain behaviours while discouraging others.

Educated as both a designer and an engineer I understand that even the smallest details are important for creating a well functioning design.

I have selected a few projects for you in my portfolio so take a look and if you want to know anything else about me or have an interesting project, don’t hesitate to contact me!




About Me

I have always been fascinated with movies, how a movie is able to create such an immersive experience and let you go through a rollercoaster of emotions. Part of the answer is the story and the acting, but more fascinating to me is how a scene is set.

The image that is laid out by the cinematographer, the cuts made by the editor and how the director brings everything together.

This is what fascinates me in design. How plenty of small but important details together can influence the user. How it can make them feel, how it can influence their actions and even change their behaviour.

My education has been in Industrial Design at the Technical University in Eindhoven.
I am more a Designer/Engineer then a Designer/Artist. Designing is a lot of problem solving and I often to get my inspiration from data, by analysing, abstracting and a lot of testing to come to a creative and elegant solution. It is important for me to have a reason behind my decision making, and the data to back it up.

As a designer I specialise in UX design, understanding the users needs and how to design for them.
I have worked on a great variety of projects and developed different skills for each of them. The common theme throughout these projects is always user centered design.

  • UX / UI / Usability Testing / Scrum


    Auto.nl is a dutch e-commerce website aiming to disrupt the automotive industry by selling and leasing new and second-hand cars exclusively online. With the backing of automotive giant the Louwman Group they are the first exclusively online run car dealership in the Netherlands. As lead designer I am responsible for improving the concept of auto.nl, making the user journeys, wireframes and the final designs.

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  • UX / UI / Mobile App


    Tankey is a customer loyalty program from the energy company EnergieDirect. Tankey allows customers to get a discount on their petrol directly at the gasstation. You can locate a participating gas station through the app and by selecting the right pump you get your discount immediately when you pay. I am responsible for the complete redesign of the app for iOS and Android and the addition of new features.

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  • UX / UI / Mobile App

    Essent Smart Home

    The Essent Smart Home app an application from the Dutch energy company Essent which allows users to get insight in their energy consumption and to control their smart home products.
I am responsible for the user journeys, the wireframes and the final design of the functionality of adding new smart home products to the app, the controls over the smart home products and the insights into the users solar panels.

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  • Product / Behaviour design / Usability Testing / Prototyping


    Run2Gether is a new approach to get people get more active. While running is already incredibly popular, many runners have trouble keeping motivated enough the make running part of their habit. Run2Gether is concept for behaviour change in the long run by focussing on intrinsic motivation, going running for the experience itself instead of as a mean to accomplish a goal.

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  • UX / Interactive Mock-up / Machine Interface

    Mocean Capability Tool

    The Mocean Capability Tool is a decision support tool for offshore lifting operations. The tool assists the captain by providing valuable real-time input on vessel motion, crane load, wind and swell waves.

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  • UX / Interactive Mock-up / Machine Interface

    Truing Machine interface

    Holland Mechanics is one of the world leaders in wheel building. This project analyses their current machine interface of the Truing machine and proposes improvements through an interactive prototype.

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  • Product / Interaction design / Prototyping


    TangiTales is an interactive storytelling book for children and their parents. TangiTales is a physical hard-backed book equipped with traceable tags (identifiers) and physical characters. The book will let children actively participate in the storytelling experience.

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