Mocean Capability Tool

UX / Interactive Mock-Up / Machine Interface


Mocean Offshore is an engineering agency for advanced offshore technology solutions

Mocean Offshore developed a decision support tool for crane operation on ships.

My task was to translate the technical application into an interactive mockup that could be used to secure funding from, non-technical, investors.


After getting a better understanding of the purpose and functioning of the tool I found that, while there is a lot going on, the tool is quite limited in functionality. Most parameters won’t be adjusted while during crane operations and the captain should be able to read out the relevant information in a glance. On the other hand, all the parameters do have a direct influence on the output and this can be used to forecast different conditions.

I designed user journeys of how the parameters could be set and data read out, trying to hide anything that was not relevant at that part of the process.

I created several LoFi wireframes and ran them by the technical staff to ensure my assumptions were correct, before running them by non-technical users to test usability.

The results where combined in a detailed wireframe. I made motion graphics to fake live sensor data for a more realistic result and this was combined in an interactive mock-up.

Original tool




The final result in an interactive mock-up with strong contrasting visuals for the most important read-outs. Less relevant information is hidden behind a click but can be combined with the radar to never loose sight on the important read-outs. Colors are used to visualise how parameters influence the output and graphics to quickly help determining if parameters are set correctly.

This mock-up is used to present the concept to possible investors in the software.