UX / UI / Usability Testing / Scrum

Client / Louwman Group
 is an e-commerce website selling and leasing new and second hand cars exclusively online. You order the car on the website and it get’s delivered to your door within a few days.

As a start-up within the Louwman Group, one of Europe’s largest automotive distributers, they aim to disrupt the automotive industry. Currently they are the first exclusively online run car dealership in the Netherlands.



As lead designer of I am responsible for the design of the whole website, e-mails and other marketing. I work on continuously improving the the website and conversion by researching, gathering and analysing user data, user testing and applying persuasion design methods. I make wireframes to assess  with the product owner, make the visual design, watch over the implementation by the developers and do final testing before it is deployed.





I work as part of a scrum team together with the product owner, the front- and back-end developers. We work in sprints of 2 weeks.
During the sprint I do all the visual design work working close together with the developers to make sure everything is finished and tested as soon as possible so it can be deployed before the end of the sprint.
Next to that I use Hotjar and Google Analytics to gather user data on the website in general and the previously deployed items. With this data and general research I propose new items for the sprint backlog. Several times a sprint I sit together with the product owner to prioritise the backlog. I make the wireframes and we refine the items further with developers to get them ready for the next sprint.

Every couple of weeks we work together with a design agency to do qualitative user testing. Either on the current version on the website or for proposals that desire further research before we can implement them well enough. We get users to use the website or prototypes while they are using eye tracking software, are being filmed and interviewed. The results are then discussed within the group and help me to make new proposals to improve the website further.

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