UX / UI / Mobile app





Tankey is a customer loyalty program from the energy company EnergieDirect. Tankey allows customers to get a discount on their petrol directly at the gasstation.

You can locate a participating gas station through the app and by selecting the right pump you get your discount immediately when you pay.





 Energiedirect had the most basic version of the app working and hired me to improve the user experience, do a complete makeover of the visual design and add new functionality. These improvements included the option for other companies to join the program, allowing the user to stack up several discounts, for these companies to hold campaigns on the app and the possibility for the user to use part of their discount to drive CO2 neutral, the money would be used to plant trees.






 After some testing and gathering feedback on the app, I did a complete redesign of the UX and made a wireframe proposal for the stakeholders. I also made several iterations of proposals for the new visual design. After everything got the green light I worked out the new ux in the new visual style and made an interactive mock-up to share with the stakeholders for feedback and some further refining. The app is currently still in development