Essent Smart Home

UX / UI / Mobile app




Essent is one the larger Dutch energy companies and work together with tech companies on a line of smart home products. They have a Smart Home App department focussed on integrating Smart Home products into your every day life. They supply products to gather more insights into your energy spending, but also for solar panels, lighting and heat.

The Smart Home App is the mobile app the provide to control all of your smart home products from one app.






I was hired to design the complete on boarding process of connecting these other smart home products, like the Nest Thermostat and INNR lighting, to the app as easily as possible and the functionality of controlling everything and setting up automatic scenario’s, all from within one app.

Finally I designed the part of the app that gives customers insights in the usage of their solar panels and to help them adjust their energy spending.





While the UI of the app was quite restricted the UX proved to be quite a challenge. I had to communicate with both the developers of the app, as well as the developers of the smart home products to make sure all the functionality I designed would actually work.

Other challenges where translating the difficult on-boarding process and setting of the scenario’s into an easier to understand process. One example of how I achieved that was by using natural language form to set-up the scenario’s. By formulating the scenario into a sentence it became immediately clear for the user what kind of scenario’s they were setting.